Welcome to Investfx forex Signals & Mentorship Service

General overview: Our goal here is to provide forex trading / investing signals. These are not day trading or short term trade signals, but very broad long term outlook on the forex market, in other words swing and position trades that might last from a few days to few weeks to play itself out. Hence no need to monitor the charts every hour but just few minutes everyday. And that is why we would rather call it investing and not trading. This is a paid membership site that will provide you with updates on regular bases on our unique way of investing profitably in the forex markets. You are welcome to register and take your trading or better still investing to the next level.

Bases of trading/investing: Proprietary strategy, currency fundamentals based on currency pairs strength and weaknesses. We do not use the commonly known indicators but have developed our own based on the above statement.

Currency to be traded: Most currency pairs (Majors & Exotics) about 24 pairs in total.

Lenght of trade: As mentioned above, this is investing and not trading. Trades are mainly swing to position long term trades, depending on the opportunities provided by the market, trades may last for few days to couple of weeks.

Pips Target: Approximately 100 to 900 pips.

Order Types: Market orders and Pending orders will be used.

Stop Loss: Trades are based on currency fundamentals, currency pairs strengths and weaknesses, also recommended to have a basket of pairs trading most of the time. Hence we  use stop loss and we also hedge depending on the direction of trade.

Leverage: From experience Psychology and Money management are the two most important factors that determines the success or failure of a forex trader. With that said we strongly recommend using as much leverage as your broker provides. More details on leverage / lot sizing on the inside.

Disclaimer: Please READ. Thank you.