Here are some frequently asked questions to help you answer some of the questions you might have:

1, Why are you offering public signal service if it is so profitable?

– We are offering this service so as to make more money to add to our trading account. Also offering this service is just to help out interested people, to show them a way to profitable trading/investing.

2, Why should I subscribe to Investfx forex Signals?

– You should subscribe because our trading method as shown to be profitable over a long period of time. Our performance page speaks for itself, if you haven’t yet seen it please go have a look.

3, How do I receive the signals ?

– Our signal is actually unique and this is not day trading so we do not need to send emails out everyday. Every member has a password to the members page and that is where you get up to date information about what is happening and when to trade and set your orders.

4, At what time are the signals sent?

– This is swing trading and you will know many days in advance where to enter and where to get out of the market, hence signals are really not sent out but members have to log into the members page at their own convenience to get the signal updates from there.

5, Why don’t you offer free signals?

– We don’t offer free signals because we don’t have time to waste, anybody looking for something of value should be prepared to pay for it. Our subscription entry price is about as affordable as it gets.

6, Can you promise minimum pips each month?

– We cannot promise the amount of pips that will be made on monthly bases because it all depends on the activities in the markets and we really doubt if anybody can make such promise and fulfill it. All we know is that in the long run you will be profitable.

7, Have you got any trial to try your service ?

– Yes, 15 days trial is available, for $ 9.95 dollars after which you will pay $ 39.95 dollars per month.

8, What pairs do you trade ?

– The beauty of our method is that it works for all pairs, Majors and Exotics alike, but we will focus only on the common 24 pairs.

9, How long are positions held?

– Positions are held from few days to few weeks, average is about 4 weeks. It all depends on market swings.

10, Do you offer account copier services?

– Yes we do, our live account is always visible for members to see that we are trading the same signals and not just posting signals that we don’t even trade ourselves. The only thing is that this is not an automated service. You have to manually place your trades by setting up pending orders.

11,  Am I limited to a broker or platform ?

– There is no platform limitation of any sort, it works on any platform but your broker should permit hedging because we do hedge our trades sometimes.

12, What is included in the signal?

– What you get for subscribing is, access to our members area where you get to see every detail about our profitable real account and then you can start copying our trades. Not only that you get to learn how we generate our signals too.

13, How does billing work?

– Our service is based on a monthly subscription fee. You get charged every month for the service and you are free to cancel anytime.

14, What is your trading strategy based on?

– Our strategy is based on the strengths and weaknesses of each currency that makes up a pair. Our proprietary indicator helps to know which side of the pair is stronger or weaker in order to determine the direction of our trades.